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Transformations 360 Weight Loss Program

What is Transformations 360?

The Transformations 360 Weight Loss Program was designed by an Australian Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tony Le Vannais, so that you only lose UNWANTED FAT and not lean muscle tissue.

The majority of weight loss programs reduce your protein and carbohydrate levels too low which results in muscle loss. This can create the appearance of drawn features and baggy skin. With Transformations 360, your body tone improves as you lose weight so you can actually become firmer as your original body shape returns.

How does it work?

Transformations 360 consists of a ketogenic diet under medical supervision but the calories are not so low that you are starving yourself. It teaches you how to use healthy whole foods so you can learn portion sizes and how to eat healthy moving forward. It provides protein packets for 5 weeks included in the price. You check your urine so you can make sure you are in the fat burning/calories losing zone. It’s the healthiest program out there free of chemicals, medications and pre-packaged processed foods.


Transformations 360 At a Glace: 

  • Three Meals Daily
  • Protein Packets 4x per day to reduce cravings, balance blood sugar and provide vital nutrients
  • Whole Foods Diet
  • Half Body Weight in Ounces
  • Use Abdominal Fat for Fuel

Benefits and Usage: 

  • Preventing diabetes
  • Reversing pre-diabetes
  • Achieving sustainable weight loss
  • Weaning off lifestyle induced medications
  • Addressing 15 functional health conditions
  • Addresses root cause of your symptoms
  • Teaches correct eating habits for lifelong health



Practitioner Testimonials

"I have been using the program for 3 years, especially to get people off their medications and improve their quality of life as well as reverse many of their chronic conditions. The best part about the program is the education patient's get."

Dr. Pouya S, MD.

"I'd never had any weight loss programs in my clinic and really wasn't interested to have any until I was introduced to the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 Program. I tried the program myself and lost 2 dress sizes. My Patients find it's a lifestyle they can live with, and while on the program they experience amazing energy."

Dr. Julianne Z, DC., PT.

"I have used the program to give patients back their life and ability to play with their children or grandchildren or regain their self-confidence back. In my practice, 100% of my prediabetic patients that were on medication, have been able to get off of them by going on the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 program."

Dr. Marcus E, B.Sc., D. C.

"This program allows patients to go home and take control of their lifestyle and allow their nutrition and meals to heal themselves. Most patients I see come to me after having been yo-yoing back and forth from weight loss plan to weight loss plan, but with TRANSFORMATIONS 360 they start with education and the basics of getting hydrated, exercise, and having three balanced meals a day with snacks in between."

Dr. Laurie B, N.D.

"I've put thousands of people on the TRANSFORMATIONS 360 program, and within one week I can see the light come back into their eyes. The program is truly transformative and not only helps them look better but they improve their health, down to the very cells of their body."

Rebecca R, C.C.N.


"The TRANSFORMATIONS 360 System contains several aspects which merge wonderfully into excellent dietary care for diabetics and pre-diabetics."

Dr. Mona M, ND.

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