The Importance of Hydration!

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Water is essential to life!  Without any water we would perish in a few short days.  Hydration is something I discuss with every patient, especially since we live in the desert!  You can find water in food sources such as watermelon, squash, cantaloupe, strawberries, celery, etc.  which serve as great sources to mix up our variety of water intake.  I emphasize variety in water intake because hydration status does not depend on water intake alone, it is also linked to important salts that we call electrolytes.  People who sweat often will self-select water with electrolytes as opposed to plain water when in an experimental blind trial, this is what the study stated, “people who have been sweating copiously prefer drinks that are relatively rich in Na+ salts rather than pure water.”  Although we do not sweat copiously here in Arizona, we are passively losing water throughout the day due to low humidity levels.  We also often drink purified water since our city water is not highly rated, this sets us up for the perfect storm of low mineral intake which can negatively impact hydration status.  Poor hydration status can negatively impact your physical performance, cognitive performance, gut function, kidney function, heart health and so much more!  To learn about which electrolytes may be the best choice for you, make an appointment today and we can discuss how to improve your hydration status!

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