Darin Zimmerman LAc

    Darin Zimmerman is a Licensed Acupuncturist. He received his Masters in Acupuncture from The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and was awarded Certification by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He is licensed in the State of Arizona by the Arizona Acupuncture Board of Examiners. In addition, Darin completed his Bachelors of Science degree from Olivet Nazarene University where he focused on industrial and organizational psychology.
    Darin’s early education in psychology shaped his philosophy on the importance of the practitioner and patient relationship. Darin believes in building a strong and trusting relationship between patient and practitioner. He builds relationships with patients that are grounded in trust, clear communication, compassion, and professionalism. “To properly diagnose your condition, there must be a clear picture of not only what we see and feel on the outside, but also what is not seen and felt on the inside.” Darin is an advocate of combining compassion with clinical skill to make for the most effective healing process.

    Darin’s clinical experience encompasses settings that integrate Western, Eastern and Naturopathic Medicine. Because of his strong background in medical sciences, Darin understands the importance of looking at the entire person, including their Western medical diagnosis and treatment. He uses his advanced training in Chinese Medicine to take a thorough approach to address your health concerns to create a pathway to transform your health. Although Darin relies heavily on the rich and encompassing traditions of Chinese medicine, his collaboration with physicians at Arizona Natural Medicine allows him to access medical input when needed.

    Darin has specialized training in the area of facial acupuncture rejuvenation. He has been trained with leading experts in the area of facial rejuvenation including acupuncture, electric simulation, facial cupping, and herbal application and has a deep understanding of the physiology of the skin and how to nourish it. He has received specialized training in the Arizona Natural Medicine Method™, a system founded in the belief that true beauty radiates from internal balance, and that facial fine lines, redness, loss of skin elasticity and suppleness has a direct and deeper correspondence to the body’s internal state of health. With the Arizona Natural Medicine Method™ you can enrich the skin’s tonicity and restore its fresh glow by working from within.

    Darin brings his passion for facial acupuncture rejuvenation and Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with his strong ability to build trusting patient and practitioner relationships. He is here to assist you on your journey toward health and well-being.

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