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According to the National Eczema Association (NEA) over 30 million Americans may suffer from eczema also know as dermatitis.  There are several types of eczema that can affect different areas of the body.  It is important to know that this condition is not contagious but also has no proven cure.  However, this itchy red rash can be treated, relieving symptoms and managing flare ups while avoiding steroids and the negative side effects.

Atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis are the most prevalent types of eczema.  The NEA believes atopic conditions are genetically inherited and are correlated with asthma and hay fever.  Contact dermatitis is not as prevalent and chronic as atopic but one can have a flare up at any moment.  Typically these occur when exposed to certain chemicals such as detergents and soaps or even certain metals and latex.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes an alternative approach to treating eczema which starts from the inside.  Diagnosing the root cause and imbalance is the first step in treating the condition.  Every person is different and while they may have a similar looking rash on their hands, this does not mean they will have the same treatment plan.  After diagnosing the root we are able to use specific acupuncture points for clearing internal heat, dampness and wind from the body; which are a few common patterns that contribute to the symptoms.

Over the course of a few treatments several aspects of one’s health is improved.  Acupuncture is known for relieving stress, reducing allergies and strengthening the immune system.  Diet and Chinese herbs are also addressed during treatment along with guidance and counseling.  The NEA believes high stress levels, heightened allergies, weak immune system and diet are all correlated with eczema.  If you or a loved one is suffering with eczema, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine may be the relief you’re looking for.

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