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Arizona Natural Medicine offers Testosterone injections for men. Testosterone can be administered as an injection, cream or capsule. Some men respond well to the creams or capsules but others get a better response with injections. The injections are safe, effective and easy to administer. The injectable form of testosterone is especially effective in treating men with erectile dysfunction and those who’s testosterone in the serum does not change with other routes of administration of testosterone (creams, capsules and gel). Women are not typically given testosterone injections because normal levels of testosterone are much lower and can easily be achieved using creams or capsules.

Testosterone injections may increase energy, libido, mood and quality of life. Testosterone therapy is only prescribed after recent (within the past 6 weeks) laboratory results show a low-normal or deficient serum level combined with clinical symptoms such as fatigue, low mood, low libido or erectile dysfunction. We do not administer testosterone injections for muscle building or to enhance athletic performance but rather to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. Though generally considered very safe, the decision to use testosterone injections must be weighed against the potential risks of the therapy.



Benefits of Testosterone injection therapy:
1. Effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
2. Improves libido (sex drive)
3. Increases energy
4. Improves mood and motivation
5. Improves muscle mass and tone



Testosterone injections are not an appropriate treatment for all men. The potential risks of testosterone therapy injections may include but is not limited to the following:
1. Increased red blood cell count: Testosterone can stimulate the body to produce more red blood cells. This can lead to “thickened blood” and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, particularly in men with uncontrolled sleep apnea.
2. Heart Disease: Caution should be used in men with a history of heart disease and stroke and in men over the age of 65.
3. Increased estrogen levels: Testosterone can be converted to estrogen which can lead to enlargement and tenderness of the breast tissue, possible fluid retention or nausea.
4. Acne and increased oil secretion of the skin.
5. Mood changes, including irritability and anger or fluctuation in your overall mood.
6. Reduced sperm count and infertility: Male patients with a history of infertility and/or trying to actively conceive with their partner should not use testosterone therapy.
7. Increased male pattern baldness.
8. Fluid retention : A small number of men on testosterone may retain fluid. This is reversed by reducing dosage of testosterone and/or by changes in diet.
9. Prostate cancer: It is not believed that testosterone therapy causes prostate cancer but the use of testosterone may make an existing prostate cancer grow faster and increase the risk that it will spread.
10. Prostate Enlargement: Testosterone may enlarge your prostate leading to difficulty with urination, urinary frequency and increased night time urination. If you have Benign Prostatatic Hyperplasia (BPH) you may not want to use testosterone therapy.
11. Breast Cancer: Testosterone therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer in men. If you are at high risk of breast cancer due to family history then you should not use testosterone therapy.
12. Breast or nipple sensitivity: this occurs when testosterone is converted to excess estrogen in the body. A reduction of testosterone and/or estrogen-blocking botanicals or medication can be used to counteract this effect.
13. There can be pain or skin irritation at the site of the injection.



The goal with Testosterone treatment is to restore serum levels in the body to “optimal” range. Generally, when restoring testosterone levels to an optimal range from low or deficient levels, there are few potential side effects. Most men respond well to the treatment without any side effects. The goal is to restore testosterone levels high enough to achieve benefits without causing any serious health problems or risks.

If you think you might be a candidate for testosterone injections, ask one of the highly trained doctors at Arizona Natural Medicine about this treatment.

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