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According to the American Pain Foundation, more than one-quarter of Americans (26%) age 20 years and over reported that they have had a problem with pain of any sort that persisted for more than 24 hours in duration. More women (27.1%) than men (24.4%) report that they are in pain.  Pain is the second leading cause of medically related work absenteeism. Pain can range from pain associated with headaches, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, injuries, neuralgias (nerve pain), and fibromylgia.

If you are suffering from pain you are not alone. Many patients ask if there are alternatives to the traditional pain medication due to their inherent habit forming potential and ill side effects. The answer is yes. There are a multitude of additional non-invasive, non-toxic and non habit-forming treatments that could be effective and make a significant difference in your everyday life. If you are on pain medication prescription we can use complimentary and integrative therapies to help you reduce your pain without drug interactions.

Arizona Natural Medicine LLC offers non-invasive, natural and integrative therapies to manage pain. Many of our patients who suffer from chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and other pain conditions greatly improve with natural and integrative therapies.

We are unique in taking a comprehensive and wholistic approach in working with the body, mind and spirit of each patient. Whether acute or chronic, we look to treat the underlying cause and contributing factors that cause pain.  Whether you suffer from nerve pain (neuralgias), muscular or skeletal pain, we can assist you in an individual approach to reduce and manage your pain that is safe, non-habit forming, and work with the body to help regulate pain and regenerate the body when possible.

We use emerging research in the area of homeopathic regulation of pain and inflammation with Heel Inc. homeopathic injectable therapy. Inflammation is the expression of biologically purposeful defense mechanism against endogenic and exogenic homotoxins.  Homeopathic injectables such as Traumeel and Zeel can be used to work with your body to regulate inflammation and relieve pain. Many of our patients achieve this with a quick intramuscular injection and others receive injections at local sites of pain using a technique known as “Biopuncture”.

In addition, acupuncture studies by National Institute of Health (NHIS) state “In general, acupuncture appears to be a promising alternative for some of these pain conditions; however, further research is needed”. Those conditions studied by the NHIS showed acupuncture to be effective in reducing pain for the following conditions:  low back pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, tennis elbow and osteoarthritis. Acupuncture, over 6000 years old, can help many other conditions, and treat other forms of pain,  such as pain associated with fibromyalgia, shingles, PMS, painful periods, shoulder, knee and joint pain. In addition, the National Center for Complimentary Medicine and Alternative Medicine, states “Acupuncture is generally considered safe when performed by an experienced practitioner using sterile needles. Relatively few complications from acupuncture have been reported”.

A list of the pain treatments we offer at Arizona Natural Medicine LLC are listed below.  We are always adding additional therapies as emerging research continues to reveal more about pain regulation and effective treatment.

No one should stay in pain. If you are suffering from a pain condition and are looking for natural, non-invasive treatments, we are ready to assist you in effective pain reduction treatment to improve your health and well-being.

We offer a integrative approach to pain management with a number of tools:

  • Homeopathic Pain Reduction Injections by Heel Inc.
    • Traumeel– pain and inflammation
    • Zeel – chronic pain, arthritis and inflammation
    • Spascupreel – muscle spasms and tightness
    • Neuralgia-Rheum – nerve pain, disc issues and muscle issues
    • Lymphomosot – inflammation, injuries and swelling
  • Acupuncture
  • Biopuncture
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Lifestyle and Dietary Recommendations
  • Laboratory testing
    • Vitamin D – low levels associated with pain
    • Nutritional Status – deficiencies associated with pain
    • Blood Count – underlying causes of pain
    • Metabolic Panels – underlying causes of pain
    • Neurotransmitter Testing – imbalances associated with pain
    • Adrenal Testing – associated with steroid production

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