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Heel Homeopathic Injectable Therapy

Homeopathic injectable therapy is an effective and inexpensive way to promote the natural regulatory processes in the body that reduces inflammation, enhance the body’s natural immunity, and promotes healing and better health. Generally these injections of homeopathic solution are dilute microdoses of plants or minerals given intramuscularly in one small injection site. One injection intramuscularly has a systemic effect on the entire body. For more localized areas, an application known as “Biopuncture” can be used for conditions such as an acute sprained ankle or frozen shoulder. Their application in the area of immune enhancement and pain reduction are paramount.

One of the homeopathic injectables known as Zeel reduces chronic inflammation in the body, not by suppression, but by promoting the natural biological healing process. Zeel, unlike many of its anti-inflammatory counterparts, does not have negative gastrointestinal effects, does not thin the blood like NSAIDS and has no adverse drug interactions but does reduce pain and inflammation. Traumeel is also used for acute inflammation, sprains, strains and achy muscles. Zeel and/or Traumeel are highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation related to fibromyalgia.

Once our patients try these simple intramuscular injections, they often request them because of their immediate and dramatic results. For example, many patients with arthritis do not want to take daily medications. After 4-6 weekly injections, they may have one per month to keep their pain level significantly reduced or completely pain free. The injections are cost effective and they generally produce positive results.

Many of our patients ask us for natural ways to protect themselves during the cold and flu season. Engystol and Gripp Heel separately and synergistically together stimulate the body’s immune system naturally; work to fight off viruses, colds, and influenza. They can be used as prevention, at the onset of a cold, or during the cold to help reduce cold symptoms and shorten the duration. We recommend monthly injections during the cold and flu season to prevent colds and viruses.

Listed below are examples of some but not all of the homeopathic injectables used at Arizona Natural Medicine®.

Traumeel: For the regulation of acute inflammation, sports sprains and strains. To help reduce inflammation, pain, regenerate when possible, and serve as a catalyst in the healing process. It increases circulation, works as an analgesic to reduce pain, while promoting the natural healing process.

Zeel: For the temporary relief of symptoms of mild to moderate arthritic pain, osteoarthritis,  joint stiffness and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Spascupreel: For the relief of tight muscles and spasms anywhere in the body (abdominal and menstrual cramps, spasmodic cough, intestinal colic) and for acute or chronic muscle tightness and spasms such as acute neck and shoulder tightness and pain.

Neuralgo Rheum:  For the stimulation of the defense mechanism in joint disorders: chronic arthritis and arthrosis, neuralgia and rheumatism of the soft tissues, intervertebral disc conditions, exhaustion and debility.

Lymphomyosot:  For the temporary relief of swelling due to poor circulation, minor injury and environmental toxins.

Engystol: For the general enhancement of the natural immune defense system to fight off colds and viruses through its anti-viral properties and immune building properties.

Gripp Heel:  For defense against viruses such as influenza; malaise, body aches, and cold symptoms, and immune building properties.

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