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The Arizona Natural Medicine Method ™ utilizes only the best skin care products possible. The use of our unique and specialized products further enhance the method to support the nourishing and rejuvenating effects to support and feed your skin.



We utlize some of the best skin care products from DeVita Professional Skin Care line.
DeVita uses the most advanced, Certified Organic Aloe Vera based, 100% Paraben Free, Vegan, age-defying Natural Skin Care products & mineral makeup line on the market. In addition to using natural products in our facial acupuncture series, we also offer this skin care line to our patients to use at home to further enhance the natural care and beauty of their skin. When you purchase a package of 12 series, we gift you a DeVita Deluxe Rx Travel Kit free which is over a $70 value.



We utilize the exclusive Jadience and Jade line. This line uses Chinese medicine herbal masks that are only offered in practitioner's office and in exclusive spas across the country. Jadience formulations are unique as they understand the century old interaction between Chinese herbs. Their products use a proper herbal formula, which will ultimately be absorbed by the body in order to rebalance the mind, body, and spirit without producing harmful side-effects. Their masks is specifically designed to remove impurities, nourish the skin and provide deep moisturizing effects. Several herbs are particularly important. For example, Ginseng has powerful anti-bacterial properties and anti-oxidants that purify the skin and help increase circulation. Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oils and dead skin cells to leave the skin smooth and renewed. And Canadian White Honey provides vitamins A and C while moisturizing the skin. These masks are used in the Arizona Natural Medicine Method ™ to further enhance your skin's complection. In addition to be used in our facial rejuvenation protocol, they are available to be purchased by our patients to further enhance skin's appearance, color and tone.



Dr. Lane, creator of the Arizona Natural Medicine Method ™, has formulated customized serums that are utilized in our acupuncture facial series. The serums are rich and abundant in many natural and organic ingredients and formulated with the utmost thought in mind to deeply nourish your skin and encourage a more radiant appearance. The serums are unique because they use a trifecta approach to nourish your skin: organic premium oils, highest quality essential oils, such as blue chamomile and lavender, and homeopathics to work with your body to nourish, calm and hydrate your skin.

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