alternative therapies

At Arizona Natural Medicine ® we are committed to providing integrative and comprehensive health care services. We offer through diagnostic and medical evaluations that provide you and your family effective ways to address your health care needs. In addition, we provide specialized services, unlike most medical center, that offer you choices and options for health care issues you may be struggling with that you may not associated with your primary care doctor such as chronic pain and infertility. Some of the specialized services we offer include: Biopuncture – a drug-free homeopathic injection therapy for pain; fertility services – acupuncture and integrative approaches to natural conception and co-care with reproductive endocrinologists; facial rejuvenation acupuncture – a non-surgical tool for facial renewal; homeopathic medicines – address mental, emotional and physical conditions and many other specialized services. Click below to find out more about the specialized services we offer. We can’t wait to assist you in your health care goals!

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