prp dermal fillers

PRP contains growth factors which stimulate the body to repair and restore tissues using the body’s own natural processes. With this technique, you can rejuvenate the skin by isolating elements from the blood which can then be injected below wrinkles, folds and even acne scars.

Traditional Dermal Fillers are great in giving immediate effects, but these effects can wane over the course of a year. Platelet Rich Plasma, in contrast, can take a few months to work, but since it’s the patient’s own collagen that is generated, the effects can last 1-2 years. This is because the cytokines and stem cells continue to produce collagen long after the initial Platelet Rich Plasma injection.

Also, some people like the idea of looking better gradually so that others don’t see a drastic immediate change in their appearance. Platelet Rich Plasma can be a useful tool in achieving a gradual natural rejuvenation.

PRP offers a truly organic alternative to traditional dermal fillers. Since the patient’s own blood is used to rejuvenate their appearance, using PRP also alleviates the risk of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.



  • Diminishing the glabellar lines, also known as the number 11 sign between the brow
  • Diminishing forehead lines
  • Improving the appearance of periorbital lines, also known as crow’s feet
  • Diminishing nasolabial folds
  • Reducing smile lines
  • Treating acne scars
  • Improving the vertical lip lines, also known as lipstick lines
  • Improving the marionette lines (the ones from the corners of the  mouth to the chin)



  • Blood is drawn from a patient in a special test tube.
  • The tube in placed in a centrifuge, which spins at a specific rate and time to separate out the Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • The platelets and Platelet Rich Plasma are injected into the face, neck or body using tiny needles.
  • Over the next month, the growth of new collagen and other younger tissues, which improves the skin, is seen.
  • We recommend 3 sessions one month apart for best results.
  • You can also target 1 or 2 areas along with your PRP and Microneedling session

Following the procedure, patients will notice some redness of the skin and a tight, tingling feeling. This is an indication that the healing and rejuvenation response has been activated. Over the next few months, patients will notice improved quality and suppleness in their skin.



There is no downtime except you cannot wash your face for 24 hours. Redness may be present but should be gone within 24 hours. This is minimal downtime compared to other laser treatments and less invasive than other aesthetics treatments.

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