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Micronutrients are vital to support the healthy function of cells and certain nutrients help to neutralize free radicals in the body which damage cells through oxidative stress.

Often you can get clues from the body about which vitamins or minerals might be lacking in the body, based on what symptoms or illnesses a person develops. However, sometimes it’s impossible to tell which nutrients are deficient without testing them. Doing a test to evaluate your nutritional status can be valuable because it allows you to correct deficiencies before they get to the level where they cause disease.

At Arizona Natural Medicine, we use SpectraCell Laboratories’ Micronutrient Test. They use a patented functional intracellular test that was developed after 18 years of research at the University of Texas. SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing is a clinically effective diagnostic tool for the prevention and management of chronic disease conditions.

The test  measures specifically how micronutrients are actually functioning in your body, specifically your white blood cells. Historically, nutrient levels were tested in the serum of your blood, but studies suggest that these static levels don’t give an accurate picture of how these nutrients are interacting on a cellular level. So this new method of testing is more advanced and gives a more accurate picture of your true nutritional status.

The Micronutrient test panel includes 34 different vitamins, minerals and other indicators of cellular function and health.

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The Micronutrient test is a simple blood test and can be useful for anyone who suffers from a chronic condition like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, fatigue or to simply evaluate your nutritional status as a preventative measure to maintain good health and individualize your nutritional supplements according your test results.

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