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Your nutritional status is vital to your health and the prevention of disease. We rely on nutrients to power all of our metabolic processes in the body, including the breakdown of food, neurotransmitter production that make our “feel- good” chemicals, and hormone production. More and more research has identified how nutrition influences our health and that getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is directly related to the prevention of disease.

Our nutritional status is directly affected by the foods we eat and their nutrient content. Eating a healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health. We need to eat the right amounts of nutrients and the correct variety of safe, good quality food to meet our individual needs.

Although we have general standards of how much of each nutrient we need and can review your dietary habits and intake, testing is the tool to determine if what you are eating is getting to the cells of your body to fuel your body’s metabolic activity.

Testing nutritional status gives us a window into the body’s true nutritional needs. Our doctors test for conventional nutrient deficiencies with standard blood tests such as iron, B12, and Vitamin D. In addition, we offer cutting edge testing that can determine a long list of vitamin, mineral and even essential fatty acid deficiencies to determine your specific nutrient needs. Testing is an additional option along with eating a good diet and can be used to improve your health and over all well-being.

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