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Many parents struggle with finding effective solutions to treat AD(H)D, autism spectrum disorders and mood disorders for their children. Most people have heard of food allergy testing to determine reactions mediated by IgE immunoglobulin which are associated with a true food allergies and IgG immunoglobulin associated with food sensitivities but many parents are unaware that a test exists to determine if wheat and/or dairy is affecting their child’s brain function.

The Gluten/Casein Peptide Test can determine the inability to digest wheat, rye, barley, and milk. These undigested proteins, called peptides, are associated with gastrointestinal, neurological, and neuro-developmental disorders.

The Gluten/Casein Peptide Test is a urine test that evaluates abnormal and normal levels of gliadorphin (gluten peptides) and casomorphin (casein peptides) that are commonly elevated in autistic-spectrum individuals, mood disorder and AD(H)D children. Research has shown these chemicals have an adverse drug-like effect on the brain similar to opiate medications such as morphine.

These incompletely broken down peptides from gluten and casein can react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine. These compounds, called neuropeptides, have been shown to react with areas of the brain’s temporal lobes that are involved in speech and auditory integration. Neuropeptides also decrease the ability to feel pain and effect cognitive function.

This adverse effect on the brain can cause dramatic changes in mood, behavior, ability to follow direction and ability to learn. Once identified with this non-invasive urinary test, gluten and/or casien can be removed from the diet and positive changes in behavior, mood and cognition result.

Take for instance Joe, a 4 year old with severe tantrums which are inconsolable, difficulty at school with poor focus, delayed speech and defiant behavior. It was found that he had positive casomorphin in his urine after testing. Casein was removed from his diet and within days his mother reported her son was” like a new child”. He can pay attention in school. There are no more tantrums . He listens to direction and his ability to focus and learn in school is significantly better.  Joe like many children sometimes just needs a little help by preventing roadblocks to their health and well-being. This gluten/casein peptide test provides a way to remove the roadblock and allow your children the ability to learn and excel.

Many children with food allergies or sensitivities may also have positive peptides but because this test is specific to peptides that affect the brain, this test is not the same as food allergy testing. Many times those with a positive gluten/casein morphine test should also do food allergy testing but this test stands alone to determine if the brain is being affected by gluten and casein. If you suspect this we urge you to have your child tested so they can follow an elimination diet regain ability to learn and develop in a healthy and optimal way.

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