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Genetic testing allows our physicians to go to the deepest denominator to determine why your body is not responding in the way you think it should. When you can't find answers with normal medical testing and you have a chronic or re-occurring health issue, there is a good chance there is a reason that could be genetic. Although genetic testing shows mutations that can not be changed, it can create pathways and avenues to compensate for these mutations and help the body to improve its function. In addition, some of the genetic tests we offer can also determine what medications should be avoided and what medications and nutrients support the body. Many of our newest research suggest genetics is at the core of many health issues. These tests are exceptionally good at giving a guidepost to optimize your health in a shorter period of time by addressing the root cause. The information from genetic testing creates opportunities to find solutions for compensatory mechanisms in the body to optimize your health. That is why we feel strongly that genetic testing can be a missing link in many chronic and complicated health issues. We offer several genetic tests and continue to learn in this area to create better solutions for our patients.

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