food allergy testing

This is a blood test that evaluates food allergies and sensitivities. Most standard food allergy testing, look at IgE mediated response which shows a true allergy to food. However, they do not included testing IgG mediated food reaction which can be a delayed reaction to food up to 78 hours and are associated with food sensitivities. Food sensitivities can have more insidious long-term effect on your health, causing symptoms such as sinus inflammation, recurrent ear infections, gas, and bloating, low energy and mood changes. We utilize a food allergy panel that tests for 88 different foods in all the main food categories including dairy, meat and eggs, grains, fruits, vegetables and miscellaneous things like sugar, chocolate, coffee, gluten and yeast. The test reports which foods you are sensitive to and the strength of the reaction. Food sensitivities can be treated and reversed in most cases. Foods that are highly reactive are typically avoided for a specific period of time and other foods are rotated every four days to decrease the body’s sensitivity to these foods. In addition, any underlying causes of the food sensitivities are treated, such as leaky gut syndrome or immune dysfunction.

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