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Fatigue is very common and is often listed as a chief complaint when people visit their doctor. Everyone feels “tired” once in a while but when it starts to become an every-day pattern then it’s important to see your doctor for an evaluation. Fatigue is a very generalized symptom and can have many different causes. The most common causes of fatigue are anemia, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue. Anemia and thyroid dysfunction can be easily tested for with a standard blood test that is ordered by your doctor. Naturopathic physicians typically order a more detailed thyroid panel that evaluates not only TSH but also ‘free T3’ and ‘free T4’ which are your actual thyroid hormones and can give a more comprehensive evaluation of the health of your thyroid. Another unique test that is often only offered through your Naturopathic physician is the ‘ASI test’, which is a salivary test that evaluates the health of your adrenal glands, which help your body adapt during times of stress. ‘Adrenal fatigue’ is a very common cause of fatigue and is often missed as an underlying cause because most conventional medical doctors don’t test for it. This is a specialized test that we provide.

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