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Toxins are prevalent in our daily lives. We are exposed to a barrage of chemicals through our food supply, in our water, in the air we breathe, through occupational exposure and simply just by our daily living and interaction with our environment.

These chronic environmental exposures weaken our immune system and digestion, may have neurological effects, can mimic hormones and disrupt the regulation of hormones in our bodies leading to women’s health issues and possible infertility, and overload our liver’s ability to filter and remove toxins from our body having global effects on our health. This may lead to chronic conditions of fatigue, headaches, mood disorders, pain or more serious health issues such as cancer.
How can you tell if you are being affected by toxins in the environment? Our skilled doctors take a thorough history and gather the appropriate information to determine if your toxic exposures may be affecting your health. In addition, specialized testing can be used to determine if your health is being affected.

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