Probiotics Are Not All Created Equal

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Have you heard that taking a probiotic supplement is good for your health? This is true (in most cases). Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, have several uses and can support gut health, immune health, and mood, to name a few. But, are you taking the right type of probiotic for you? Not all probiotic supplements are created equal. In fact, they can be vastly different in the ingredients and formulas. For example, certain species and strains are more beneficial for specific conditions than others.

Another consideration is purity and quality of the supplement. It is important to use probiotics that are manufactured to remain stable and viable. Taking a probiotic that is already “dead” because it was not good quality or kept in sub-optimal conditions is not going to have any benefit. This is where your Naturopathic Doctor comes in to help decide which type of probiotic supplement is best for you and will prescribe accordingly. Visit Arizona Natural Medicine to discuss what supplements would be best for you and your case.

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