Phasic Chinese Herbs for Infertility

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For a long time, acupuncture has been shown in medical research to help treat infertility. Recent studies are now showing the benefit of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal formulas for infertility. TCM herbal formulas are typically used in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatments for infertility to help regulate the menstrual cycle, promote ovulation, help increase ovarian function and encourage hormone balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory breaks down the menstrual cycle into four different phases: 1) Menstruation, 2) Ovarian hormone production, 3) Ovulation, and 4) Implantation. Recently, TCM herbal formulas were developed that support each four different phases individually. The goal is to support the natural “ebb and flow” of the cycle to increase success in infertility. Four different formulas (Phases 1-4) are taken on specific days during the cycle:

Phase 1: Menstruation. Regulate Blood and Qi (“chee”). Encourages proper flushing of the uterus to create a smooth base on which to build a lush uterine lining that will help with implantation later on in the cycle.
Phase 2: Promote ovarian function. Reinforce Kidney yin to enhance follicular development. Nourish Blood to promote endometrial growth. Regulate Liver qi to regulate the menstrual cycle.
Phase 3: Promote ovulation. Regulate Qi and Blood to facilitate release of egg and transport in fallopian tube. Tonify Kidney yin and yang to ensure final maturation of egg and production of fertile mucus.
Phase 4: Support implantation. Warm Kidney yang to promote progesterone production. Nourish Blood and support Qi to promote secretion of nutrient from endometrium.

TCM phasic herbal formulas can be a safe, effective part of an integrative treatment plan for infertility. If you or someone you know is dealing with infertility, schedule a consult with a Naturopathic Physician to find out the best plan for you.

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