I have seen Dr Regino three times. I had been seeing another NMD for 4 years. I was bothered by the fact that I still didn’t feel well and she basically just kept throwing additional supplements at me. I was taking handfuls of supplements and still not sleeping well and every afternoon my energy dipped dramatically. I saw Dr Regino about 2-1/2 months ago. She took away most of my supplements which made me nervous. Her question was whether they were helping me and making me feel better. Since the answer was no I did as she recommended. To my surprise I started feeling slightly better. The second visit she took more supplements away and gave me two that targeted specific things like cortisol level and digestion. I have continued to improve and now am doing better than I have in the past 4 years. I am very impressed with her approach and the time she spends listening and asking questions to get to the root problem. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a great NMD.


I felt sick for two years. I saw multiple doctors in multiple specialties for constant stomach pain, but Dr. Lane was the first who spent significant time listening and asking questions about my whole body and life. I believe that her willingness to listen fully combined with her high level of expertise allowed her to isolate my issues and treat them. Thanks to her, I’m feeling much better and on the road to recovery!


I originally sought care from Dr. Stephanie Graham after an acute neck injury and spasm. After just two visits, she helped me feel as good as new without resorting to prescription pain relievers or muscle relaxants. Using acupuncture she helped my body heal itself. I soon found myself returning to her for guidance in all my healthcare needs. For the first time, I feel in control of my health. Dr. Graham has become a mentor. She has been able to educate me so that I can play an active role and make the decisions that are best for me. I have achieved the best outcomes that I ever have with a practitioner. Dr. Graham truly has a love of medicine and teaching and it shows.


I was very pleased to be seen by Dr. Stephanie Graham. I really appreciated the time she spent with me trying to understand me and my concerns. Dr Stephanie seems genuinely interested in helping me, and she did!  I did not feel rushed, or like she was in a hurry to see her next patient like I have with other groups. I will most certainly continue to see Dr. Graham.


Doctor Stephanie Graham is true healer. She showed genuine compassion and concern when discussing with me my health concerns. She went above and beyond to educate me where I could make some easy and affordable changes to my diet. She addressed all of my issues. I don’t normally write reviews but in this case it is my pleasure.


Dr. Stephanie Graham has a wonderful, easy going manner with her patients. She always gives you all the time that you need, never seems in a hurry but is always on schedule which is really hard to do. Her treatments are with such gentle yet firm hands and her needles have never been felt during her acupuncture treatments. I wholly recommend her for your child’s doctor as well as your doctor as she has a wonderful way with the small ones! And I bless her to this day for recommending my weekly vitamin B12 shots, which I was in great need of it at age 82.


Dr. Stephanie Graham is a doctor who REALLY cares! She’s amazing!


Dr Graham is an exceptional doctor and absolutely awesome with acupuncture. She took time and care to help me feel better after I had been hit with a horrible flu! Between the IV and acupuncture I was back on my feet the next day! I Definitely would highly recommend her.


Dr. Graham, I only had the pleasure of seeing you twice at the TNDHC. I would love to continue using you as my health care provider.


Thank you Dr. Lane. You are a God send, and I feel so blessed to have you as my doctor. Unfortunately, now a days it’s almost impossible to find a doctor you can trust and truly cares.


I can not give a high enough recommendation to Dr. Lane and AZ Natural Medicine. She is a fabulous physician – the best I have ever had. She practices the perfect balance of eastern and western medicine and is incredibly knowledgeable about many medical trends and breakthroughs. She diagnosed my thyroid autoimmune disorder that no doctor has ever done. She has great options for how to boost your immunity, relieve stress and tension, improve sleep and increase energy. She listens, and she hears what you are saying and always has ideas on how to help. My appointments are an hour long, and it is so nice to feel like your doctor knows you, I am never just a name or number. I go in monthly for maintenancee acupuncture, but more often if needed. I have been a patient for about 8 years, have lived in China and Taiwan and had eastern medicine doctors there, and I must say Dr. Lane is by far the best.


My first visit with Dr. Lane was after I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had decided to try a natural approach and Dr. Lane was recommended by a good friend. After talking with her for a while I decided to tell her about some other problems I had, and after listening to her I was so impressed that I decided to give it a try. In the back of my mind thinking could this really work? I have an eye condition called Cystoid Macular Edema and for about the past 18 yrs. I have seen a retinal specialist who has given me numerous injection into the eye to help with the swelling with only slight temporary relief. For the past 11 months I have followed Dr. Lane’s advice which is all natural and have seen significant changes in my eye condition to the point that my other Dr. no longer mentions surgery or injections in my eye. I can tell by the look on his face when he looks at my test results that he is totally amazed. For being somewhat skeptical in the beginning I am definitely a believer now in natural medicine! If anyone would like more information I am happy to share my story.


Dr. Lane is a phenomenal doctor. She is thorough and methodical, leaving no stone unturned in her quest for good health and quality of life. Her diagnosis is based on sound, thorough investigation and she makes sure to study her patient’s medical history as well as the causes of the specific issue. While other doctors may give a verdict based on narrow inquiry, Dr. Lane takes a holistic approach, considering causes other doctors often neglect. In my personal case, Dr. Lane has helped with a situation many doctors had considered hopeless. She suggested a longer but healthier path for recovery that ultimately did the job minus the risks present in prevailing medical procedures. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Lane for her insight, patience and perseverance in treating me and for the effect her treatment had on my long-lasting quality of life. I recommend Dr. Lane wholeheartedly to any patient


I am a 65-year-old Medical Doctor who is a patient of Dr. Khoury’s. I developed hypercholesterolemia and acid reflux but did not want to take the medications prescribed for these conditions and decided to look for alternative options. I was very lucky to cross paths with Dr. Valentina Khoury. She is treating me successfully for both of the aforementioned conditions. My cholesterol is within normal limits and my acid reflux has resolved with lifestyle modification and supplements. Needless to say, I am very pleased! I wish for patients to cross her path as I did, they will be happy and healthier just as I am. She has the knowledge and good qualities of an excellent doctor and does it Naturally.


Since becoming a patient of Dr.Khalsa at Arizona Natural Medicine all aspects of my health have improved. As a patient of Dr.Khalsa I am treated as a whole person. All issues I came to the office with were discussed and a treatment plan was made. I love being a patient at Arizona Natural Medicine.


Dr. Lane was able to get control of my depression to a point where I really feel it’s gone now, but I know that I need to keep taking the supplements to stay healthy. She has also helped my daughter with depression as well and I am now taking my son to her. Depression can be passed down and in my family it is obvious that this has happened. I am just thankful that we found Dr Lane and I highly recommend her. IN ADDITION: Dr Lane was able to find 3 sources of bacteria in by daughters digestive track that the normal doctors could not find. She missed 45 days of school from being infected from a water park. We were told to take her to a pain management specialist because there was nothing more they could do. Her pain just turned on a week after the water park visit and we did not connect it at that time. Dr Lane found this in her first attempt based on the test she requested….Dr Lane is an OUTSTANDING Doctor. Thank you so much for helping my family!!


Dr. Khoury is a very compassionate and an extremely good listener which is vital in any medical situation. She has helped me overcome severe nausea and been able to get me back to good health when I had given up that anyone would listen or be able to help me. Other Dr.’s gave up on me but she didn’t and I owe her my health today.


Dr. Khoury is friendly, caring and very knowledgeable about Naturopathic Medicine, as well as conventional Western Medicine practices. She has a wealth of information available about non-traditional treatments such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, and other eastern medicine practices. Dr. Khoury is passionate about naturopathic medicine, and is a great source for a variety of treatment options delivered with compassionate care.


Dr.Khalsa is the only doctor that has looked at my complete symptoms from stress to asthma to my eating sensitivities. She has helped me to control my food intolerance when GI doctors wanted to just drug me on anti-nausea, pain killers/ GI numbing tablets instead of finding the source of why I\’m in so much pain when I eat certain foods. I would recommend anyone who wants to avoid tons of pills to solve symptoms and want to find the another alternative to Dr. Khalsa. It also helps that I feel Dr.Khalsa really cares about you and your not just another patient out of the hundreds they have.


“I first came to Arizona Natural Medicine for help with my fibromyalgia symptoms.  At that time, my symptoms were so bad that I could barely get around, I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t remember for more than a few hours into the past or into the future and my prospects for having any kind of life did not exist, at all, period!

That was around eight years ago.  Now, I can say with complete honesty that I’ve regained most of my mobility, I have a mind that I actually recognize and most importantly, I now have a life, one that I can enjoy and can share with my wife and my family members.  Although my struggle to regain my life has been a long one, Dr. Lane and Dr. Khalsa have been with me every step of the way.  They simply will not give up on you.  Ever!

Both of these doctors have helped me in so many ways over the years that I’ve lost count.  But, if I were to try and pick their greatest contribution to my life, thus far, it would have to be their success in teaching me how to look beyond my fibromyalgia and toward a fully holistic approach to life itself.

So, when you combine these masterful skills with their genuinely warm and caring spirits, you can’t help but feel right at home when you come visit with them.

To be honest, I don’t have the words to adequately express my heart felt gratitude and appreciation for the work that Dr. Lane and Dr. Khalsa have done for myself and for my family.  I really do not know what I would do without them.  I really don’t.  So, does the phrase “Thank God for Dr. Lane and Dr. Khalsa” seem a bit much?  Well, not as far as I’m concerned!  As a matter of fact, it feels exactly right to me.”


Acupuncture and cupping therapy with Dr. Lane have really improved my overall health and energy levels. I’ve been a patient for several years and have also seen Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors in China and the care at Arizona Natural Medicine has been the best by far.


Dr. Lane, thank you for your tireless energy in helping me re-new my life! You have fueled my life with hope like no other doctor has ever done! Years ago I came to you with severe aches and pain due to fibromyalgia, and after being seen by so many other doctors I had given up hope. I thank my friend each day for having introduced me to you! I still suffer from fibromyalgia but it is much more manageable than ever before! My energy levels are at the highest they have ever been since I was diagnosed with fibro, my spirit is happier and you have been the instrument to that success! Not only have you provided the tools to live healthier, but you have become my most trusted confidant! The team you have formed is a mere reflection of your dedication to your patients! Thank you for your constant, unwavering and wonderful relationship you have with your patients!


My acupuncture experience with Dr Khalsa at AZ Natural Medicine has been very positive. At a time when nothing else would provide relief weekly acupuncture treatments have made a measurable difference in my low back pain and in my life. Increased energy is an added bonus. I am 3 weeks post partum and have every right to be exhausted. However, as my pain becomes more manageable I have a substantial increase in energy. Thank you Dr Khalsa and AZ Natural Medicine for helping me to feel better! I forward this health and energy on to my new baby.


I was hesitant to try acupuncture because it was foreign. I did and it has changed my life. Not just because acupuncture with Dr. Lane helps my health but now I am open-minded to other things. It has changed my perspective on health care. I feel more vibrant, energetic, and I love that it affected me mentally. It made me more positive and I think clearer.


Arizona Natural Medicine is a wonderful practice. 7 years ago, Dr. Lane treated and healed my recurring foot pain with acupuncture. I recently came back to Arizona Natural Medicine for acupuncture to treat recurring knee pain and I’ve had nothing but great experiences so far. I truly believe I’ll have great results with acupuncture and be able to avoid another round of physical therapy for my knee. I’d highly recommend Arizona Natural Medicine.


I was diagnosed with sever Fibromyalgia approximately 7 years
ago and I have been told my case is one of the most severe that physicians
have seen. I have visited many Allopathic Physicians who either did not
believe in this disease or were unable to treat me with the limited
conventional methods available. I almost gave up hope until I researched
Naturopathic Medicine and came across Dr. Khalsa, who has been treating me
for the past several years.

Her treatment modalities with supplements, I.V.’s and
acupuncture have turned my life around and I have been feeling the best I
have in years! I was seeing another acupuncturist before but, did not get
the great results I presently receive from her. Her knowledge,
understanding and compassion is very appreciated and valued; It’s wonderful
to have a physician that practices medicine the way it was meant to be.


When I started coming to Dr. Khalsa office I was living with migraines twenty out of thirty days a month. I have had them since I was seven. I had learned to deal with them since I was told for many years they were just allergies or tension. I was diagnosed with migraines in the late 90’s and tried all the traditional medications. Some helped, but not for very long and they only relieved the pain, never taking them away. When I started menopause the migraines were horrible. I had spent a year trying new drugs that didn’t work. I remember going to see my grandson for two weeks and I spent most of it with migraines. I came home determined to try alternative medicine.

I feel so blessed to have found you! We tried several more conservative routes, but now my monthly IV therapy of B’s and C’s keep my migraines away!! I am so happy! I know I have tried to push it out to two months, but I find the migraines begin to creep back into my life, so monthly it is!

You have also helped me with the pain in my ankle that I shattered almost ten years ago. The acupuncture and heat lamp feel so good and help to relieve the pain. I am so thankful for your help especially since I am allergic to pain medications. Your talent has truly given me a new life. I can spend time with my family and enjoy life again! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You gave me my life back!


I am a 12 years Arizona residence, one of the first thing I heard from colleagues at work after moving is, Arizona is a biggest allergy sufferer state, within two to three years I was on allergy route, after five-six years of stay here I thought this is normal to be taking multiple doses of allergy fixes every day. You name the allergy medicine and I have tried them Flonase, Nasonex, Astelin, Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, Singular, 2-3 times a year I will have sinus infections, severe runny nose or and have to get the Antibiotics and oral steroids to get better, few year in to allergy medicine usage, and I was now having serious acid reflux problem, my PCP started me with Nexium, and every few month he has to increase the dose, I was at a point I cannot eat anything if I don’t take Nexium daily. Truly, I felt down physically & mentally every day. My energy level was low, and I felt completely worn out by end of the work day.

I sought an alternate medicine treatment and looked up AZ natural medicine from Google, met up with Dr Khalsa. She took time to understand my health issue and worked on fixing them systematically. She works 1:1 with patient and very knowledgeable on eastern herbs, western herbs, acupuncture treatment, homeopathic medicine, and IV treatments. She cured my Acid reflux completely and treated my immune to a point where I was completely off allergy medications. Today I feel better, energetic, and I use AZ natural medicine service to stay healthy. If you are living a myth that in Arizona you have to live with allergies than think again, go visit AZ natural medicine.


Naturopathic medicine has always offered me alternatives that I could never find in the traditional medical model. I am so happy that I have options for my health care. The Heel injectable therapy by Dr. Lane has really helped my pain level reduce. I am hopeful that I have the tools to stay healthy.


Recently I was experiencing pain in my back and shoulders that caused great discomfort and would even wake me up at night. I visited Dr. Lane and she did an acupuncture treatment on my back that has relieved a great deal of my pain in one visit! I can now sleep the entire night. It was an incredible experience and I will be back for more!


After years of trying western medicine and treatments I saw Dr. Kiera Lane as a final resort to manage my daily migraine headaches. There are no words to adequately describe Dr. Lane’s caring supportive nature. Dr. Lane treated me with acupuncture and various homeopathic remedies. After numerous months and treatments Dr. Lane found pathways for my migraine relief.

While seeing Dr. Lane other health challenges have developed which she has met with her professional, positive attitude. Dr. Lane is not a doctor who says there is ‘nothing else I can do for you’. Those are words I heard from many doctors in past years. Most doctors would refer to me as an ‘enigma’ and have no other options for my health challenges. Dr Lane will be honest with you but not give up on your treatment options

Thank you, Dr. Lane for your perseverance. You are truly an amazing person and doctor, a true gift in my life.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lane to anyone with health challenges who needs a caring, intelligent physician, who will find the answer to your health concerns.


I not only trust my patient referrals to Dr. Lane, I see her myself for my own healthcare needs. Her breadth and depth of clinical application and understanding of the human body is unrivaled when it comes to holistic, complementary and alternative forms of healthcare. I would highly recommend Dr. Lane.


Severe meds I felt compelled to take at the hands of conventional medicine were substituted by milder and effective prescriptions. The results were excellent.


For 15 years, I have been under the care of various naturopaths, but until now, I hadn’t experienced anyone who was the “complete package.” Dr. Kiera Lane is. She has all of the components necessary to provide the highest level of care a patient could want or need. Dr Lane is a gifted physician. She has a unique combination of compassion, superior intellect and expertise, a kind and gentle personality, as well as an unpretentious demeanor. She is able to precisely diagnose and prescribe the accurate medication for her patients’ unique problems. One of the keys to her success is her ability to ask the right questions to ascertain the information needed to diagnose and treat a patient’s individual ailments. Another key to success is her capability to understand that each patient is a distinct individual, thus eliminating the possibility of a “one-size-fits-all” remedy for all of her patients.

She also allows patients to work at their own pace. Some patients are more aggressive about their treatment than others, and that is fine with her. She simply wants her patients to feel better and wants to help prevent unnecessary illnesses. You choose the pace, she’ll work with you at that pace. I recently experienced a diversity of ailments that Dr. Lane was able to precisely diagnose and treat with a combination of acupuncture, injections, remedies and homeopathic supplements. I not only recovered quickly, but I’ve never felt better! I feel very fortunate to be in the capable hands of such a remarkable doctor.


Naturopathic medicine has allowed me to have choices in regards to my health. I can always count that I will have options and not just be told by my doctor what to do without a choice. I appreciate being treated like a person not a number by Dr. Lane. I know I have someone in my corner to help me when I need it. I am grateful that Naturopathic medicine exists and it has been the primarily health care in my life.


What a concept! A doctor that actually takes the time to listen to me,
find out exactly where I am at, and asks questions about my life and health
goals. Dr. Khalsa has been wonderful.

When I first came to see Dr. Khalsa I had been dealing with chronic neck
pain and exhaustion for several years. Other doctors had told me to “man up”
and learn to live with both. Dr. Khalsa offered me a number of beneficial
medical options. Thanks to her, I do not have to “man up” or take strong
potentially addictive medications. She has been wonderful to work with. All
of the staff at ANM are great. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Khalsa offers caring medical care that has helped me immensely. Great
bed side manner and effective medical help. One cannot ask for more!


I have been suffering from lack of sleep and hot flashes for years. Since I have been seeing Dr. Lane, she has prescribed bio-identical hormones and I have noticed an improved quality in my sleep and my hot flashes are few and far between. I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend her office to anyone.

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