“I was hopeful of trying facial acupuncture because I liked the way my body responses to a treatment from Dr. Lane. I wasn’t sure if my face would enjoy or tolerate the needles; but I had a positive attitude. Since I had lost my desire to have my picture taken; I was amazed at how my facial roadmap, did in fact, show the depth of my experiences in the last few years. My eyes, windows to my soul, had lost their strong presences as my eyebrows were burrowing down. My laugh lines around my mouth were nothing to laugh about as they were deep and rugged. My skin wasn’t healthy looking and felt thin and extremely dry. No matter what products or how much of those products I used I never felt or saw a glowing soft texture.

Now my after pictures show a much healthier roadmap. I have learned so much from this experience; things I never would of thought about or expected. My eyes are much more open and happy now that my eyebrows are relocating to where they once belonged. All my lines on my face aren’t as deep as before including the two lines between my eyebrows. My skin texture is softer, more hydrated, and tighter. This journey has been filled with learning, experiencing, sharing, and seeking. I hope to continue on with the discoveries about myself and the art of being.

You are the BEST Darin!! I feel very fortunate that our paths have crossed probably when I needed it the most.

With Peace and Joy”


“Facial rejuvenation acupuncture at Arizona Natural Medicine is painless and very relaxing. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t and my skin looks great. I highly recommend the Arizona Natural Medicine Method for younger looking skin without an invasive surgical procedure.”


“I have had several treatments of the Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture from Darin at Arizona Natural Medicine. I noticed a difference in my skin instantly in tone as well as color. This procedure is very relaxing, affective, and a natural way for nicer looking skin. The skin care products that Arizona Natural Medicine uses are very good and made my skin feel soft and looking radiant. I highly recommend Facial Rejuvenating Acupuncture for those who want nicer, younger looking skin without an abrasive surgical procedure. It’s well worth the money and time spent for a younger looking you.”


“Facial acupuncture lifted my eyebrows making me feel and look younger and rejuvenated’.”


“From the first treatment. I noticed a lift of my chin right away. I felt I had a double chin, but after just a couple of treatments, the skin and muscles were lifted and my side profile had more contour and no double chin. The acupuncture facial rejuvenation gave me a boost of energy and I felt I looked years younger.”


“Facial acupuncture has rejuvenated my slackened facial muscles (caused by Bell’s Palsy) and makes me look and feel life myself again!”

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