Natural Treatments vs. Medications for Seasonal Allergies

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It’s Spring time and you open your window to let in the crisp, cool breeze. Instead of enjoying a cascade of light, floral air you are met with watering eyes, runny nose and a fanfare of sneezing. You shut your window and rummage through your medicine cabinet to find relief. Allergy medications can be effective in the moment, but may leave you feeling drowsy or overstimulated. Naturopathic Doctors approach seasonal allergies from multiple aspects using diet, nutrients, botanicals, homeopathy, immune support, and adrenal support. With the right combination of these factors, seasonal allergies can be well managed or even a thing of the past. While it may take longer for natural approaches to help with allergy symptoms, you can start making changes proactively before allergy season begins. The idea is to fortify the immune system so that it does not respond inappropriately to allergens. So though it is convenient to have allergy medications on hand when you really need them, natural approaches can have a long-term benefit and improve overall health in the process.

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