I started seeing Dr. Lane in February 2015, during my luteal phase. Prior to Dr. Lane, I received acupuncture from another provider for 5 months. At the time, I was a healthy 38 year old and didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t get pregnant. My FSH raised in the previous year from 12.6 to 13+ and my former NMD was getting anxious and wanted me to see a RE.

I had seen a RE before and did not like that experience, during my first appointment I was asked to do IVF and take fertility drugs. I had given up that path altogether.

In my first appointment with Dr. Lane we talked for several hours focusing on what the possible issues could be. Dr. Lane wanted to look at my adrenals and optimize my TSH level (which was already normal). Dr. Lane also focused on my emotional health and prescribed a homeopathic medicine. The homeopathic medicine helped me tremendously. She prescribed other supplements to optimize my adrenals throughout the day; in addition, I started getting acupuncture from Dr. Lane weekly.

In the next cycle, my FSH was already a little lower ~11 something and emotionally I felt better, too. In an appointment after ovulation, 4DPO to be precise, she asked ‘what’s the news,’ as if she knew this is the month. I was skeptical. I had literally just started taking some of the supplement she prescribed. In fact, I had only taken the thyroid supplement for 2 days and the adrenal medicine not more than 3 weeks. Around 8DPO I found out I was pregnant.

In addition to being a great person, Dr. Lane is very good at what she does. She will diagnose the problem and fix it. I was especially impressed by her skills in other alternative medicines, such as homeopathy. Dr. Lane also combines several acupuncture techniques to optimize results. She has a very nice personality and will address all your questions and never rush you out. I am continuing to see Dr. Lane with the prenatal care with great results. I highly recommend her for anyone trying to conceive or with any other health issue.

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