Movement as Medicine

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Many people around the world experience mental health challenges.  In 2009 the American Psychologist Association estimated that about 50 million Americans lead sedentary lives.  As you and I both know, that number is likely a bit higher now.  This year has been particularly interesting in that gyms are closed, organized sports are not occurring, travel has been greatly diminished and we have been encouraged to stay indoors, all of which impact our activity levels.

Movement, or the lack thereof, plays a large role in mental health and overall brain function.  A review published in Karger Neuropsychobiology highlights the importance in movement and the brain’s ability to function optimally.  This review looks at neurotransmitter production which is our brain’s messaging system, blood flow and cellular function- all of which are supported with exercise.

If you are feeling down or anxious perhaps exercise is something to discuss with your doctor.  If you are seeking more specific advice or someone who can help manage your symptoms, check out Arizona Natural Medicine® and book your first visit or free 15-minute consult today!

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