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We at Arizona Natural Medicine ®, we are committed to the education, prevention, and optimization of health and participate in the community. Being active in our community not only benefits our current patients, but also enriches the lives and well-being of our community at large. Some of the ways we are committed to participating and supporting our community to promote health through education and service are listed below.


The Wellcare Foundation was an organization that provided pro bono comprehensive health care and wellness education to single working mothers and their children. The non-profit foundation provided services to women making too much money to be on welfare but making too little to provide any access to care for themselves or their families. Dr. Lane served as a Wellcare Foundation volunteer and provided her time and services to Wellcare women and kids, approved by the program’s criteria, to promote health and wellness to other wise under privileged women and children without access to care. Unfortunately, the Wellcare Foundation closed its doors after 13 years of tirelessly providing health care assistance for single working mothers and their children in the Phoenix area due to lack of funding. Dr. Lane was proud to be involved in their efforts.


Family Place Workshops are free workshops geared for parents and their children ages 1-3 put on by the downtown Chandler Library. Family Place in a free service offered to the community to learn and play, where a different specialist attends each workshop to speak to parents individually about any questions they may have. Dr. Lane served for many years as a voluntary specialist in the area of nutrition for Family Place Workshops. She answered parent’s questions from proper nutrition to how to combat picky eating. For more information about Family Place Workshops, contact the downtown Chandler Library.


Education is the core for the restoration and prevention of health. We at Arizona Natural Medicine feel educating others about how to be healthy is the best tool for a balanced, healthy, and enriched life. Education is one of the foundations of Naturopathic Medicine.

It is important to education our patients and our communities, teaching and empowering others with the tools to achieve health. Dr. Lane, and her associate, Dr. Khalsa have both been active in the community in promoting the empowerment of others to achieve their health care goals. Dr. Lane has been an educator of health and wellness, speaking in professional arenas, at such places as, Arizona State University, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Rosewoood Ranch, Women’s Center for Eating Disorders, as well as, non-professional arenas, at such places as, Changing Hands Bookstore, Whole Food Market, SIGA Women’s Expo, and the Solera Club.

Dr. Khalsa has also served as educator of health, promoting the well-being of her patients in community settings, including, proving services and education to those without access to care at Mission of Mercy, and has been an active educator at the Gentle Strength Cooperative, providing education of nutrition, organic foods, and healthy living. In addition, Dr. Khalsa has been involved in the study of Kundalini yoga for more than twenty years and had been an educator and teacher trainer of yoga in various community settings including the Gentle Strength Cooperative, Vision Quest, Inner Vision Yoga, and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Dr. Khalsa is committed to the education of health and shares her knowledge in the area of yoga to promote the health of those she serves.

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