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It is safe to say the majority of Americans have had an “aesthetically” bad day.  Whether it’s a bad hair day, a makeup blunder or a wardrobe catastrophe; these events are real and happening every day.  These events can truly dictate the outcome of someone’s day and possibly the people around them.  A recent survey from The Renfrow Center Foundation showed 44% of the 1,292 woman surveyed suffered from negative emotions when they did not wear makeup.  It goes to show that staying on top your aesthetics game can make a positive difference!

Within the same survey 48% of the woman reported they like the way they look with makeup on and 32% specifically stated that wearing makeup makes them feel good.  Wearing makeup is just an example of how supplementing one’s aesthetic needs can have a positive effect on them.  Sometimes it is a simple as driving to the mall for some “retail therapy” and finding a new trendy outfit that makes you feel good, while others may want to lie down, relax and be pampered.  As long as you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, that is all that matters.

It’s no secret the negative effects a bad aesthetic day can have on us.  More importantly, it may still be unclear to some people how positive aesthetics help us feel better.  Whether you want to start from the inside out with diet and exercise to slim down and tone up, or simply begin a new skin care regimen; looking better and feeling better could possibly become one of the same.



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