Living is Aging, Aging is Living-Part 2

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Aging is a natural part of life, something that should be embraced with high regard and grace.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory leans heavily on these ideals, while also providing the tools to succeed at it.  TCM has recorded thousands of years of observational data, starting with basic nutrition and herbal medicine to acupuncture, energy healing and other healing modalities.

Menopause is a natural part of aging and interestingly enough, many cultures including Asian have a different outlook on it than some.  It is not looked at in a negative way and could easily be due to how the actual physical and hormonal effects are less.  Incorporating Eastern Medicine into our lives not only keeps us healthy and balanced, but it also makes for easier transitions as we age.  TCM uses a complex diagnosis system that creates specific health patterns that can then be treated and maintained.

For many woman who have encountered more sever menstrual issues throughout their life will typically have a harder time with the menopausal transition.  This is mainly due to an imbalance that has occurred for years and has now created deficiencies elsewhere.  The kidney Qi (Chee) is our most powerful energy; it’s our life force.  The kidney Qi is naturally declining as we age, however, through acupuncture and Chinese herbs we are able to nourish it, keeping a more balanced internal system.  The liver Qi is also very important to treat since the liver meridian controls the free flow of Qi and travels through the reproductive areas.  If the Qi is deficient or stagnant, then this area will obviously be affected.

Knowledge is power, and by understanding that many of these symptoms can be relieved naturally is the first step.  It is never too late to start rebalancing our bodies and increasing our energy, our Qi.  Begin first with relaxing and quieting yourself, this will make it easier to listen to your body.  From here you will be more open for change such as diet, exercise and other lifestyle improvements.  As a licensed acupuncturist I revere the opportunity to not only diagnose and treat my patients, but also to guide them and provide all the tools to help them succeed in and out of the office.


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