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Those of you that have been following my blogs would probably agree that I am very passionate about health and beauty.  As I have expressed in the past, the two go hand in hand.  When someone is healthy they not only show it on the outside, but they also feel it on the inside.  Health is addictive, rewarding and initiates wellness throughout all aspects of life.  However, it’s important to remember that we are not perfect, and some of these imperfections can be the core of our being.

We have all experienced imperfections within health, aesthetics and character attributes that have probably resulted in a negative emotional response.  Many of us have probably even obsessed over “fixing” these imperfections, which leads me to the point of this article.  Being proactive about your health, appearance and character is not obsessive or vain.  There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection.  Some of the most prolific and influential people over time lived by this mantra, and while achieving greatness, none of them reached their personal bar of perfection.  This is not considered failure.  There are certain instances in this physical life where we must learn to not only accept certain traits about ourselves, but to love them as well.

An asymmetrical face is a prime example of imperfect beauty.  Many believe facial symmetry is the foundation of beauty.  I for one disagree, and am grateful for our asymmetry.  It makes us who we are.  It’s a personalized touch to our existence in this gigantic world we live in.  If that doesn’t resonate with you; let’s try a character trait and then think about the beautiful woman with that obnoxious laugh?  I’m sure she was probably teased about it over and over, but guess what, it makes her, her!  Even one of the most famous facial acupuncturists and arguably the pioneer of facial acupuncture embrace’s the acceptance of facial imperfections, and see’s them in a different light.  While Mary Elizabeth Wakefield helps diminish her patients’ fine lines and wrinkles, she helps them see these as a symbol of experience, wisdom and the life they are living.

Once again, striving for perfection is a positive endless journey.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves, but it’s important to remember there are certain traits that we inherited, earned and developed over this beautiful thing called life.  So the next time you are looking in the mirror and notice a few of those lines extending out from your eyes; go ahead and admire them for a moment, because you have obviously been smiling and living a happy life.


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