Is it really your adrenals?

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Adrenal fatigue starts in the brain. It is a miscommunication between melanopsin and the retinol system. Melanopsin is a light sensing protein that picks up on the subtlety of different light frequencies in our environment and reacts accordingly. Retinol refers to a form of Vitamin A (I spoke about this in the newsletter title ‘Pumpkin and Vitamin A’. I recommend you read it again and while you are at it, please review my blog titled Mitochondria and Circadian Rhythm The point is to remember that retinol (in the eye), melanopsin (on your skin) and the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN, in your brain) are all connected and should work together to promote the correct circadian rhythm (wake up in the morning and sleep at night – sunrise and sunset). The miscommunication between these systems will increase the sympathetic tone in the body and decrease the parasympathethic; in other words, you will be wired and will experience difficulty sleeping.

So back to the adrenal glands, they suffer due to a short circuit between the eye, skin and brain.

First, DHA becomes destroyed in the central retinal pathway (connecting the eye and SCN) when the eyes are chronically exposed to an altered light spectrum. This altered light spectrum, most commonly containing excessive amounts of blue light frequencies, damages the melanopsin and retinol bond in the skin leading to DHA turn over within the mitochondria outer membrane. Next, the inside of the mitochondria (the matrix) degrades due to excessive deuterium flooding in from the extra cellular fluid outside of the mitochondria. (I will discuss deuterium on another blog, just know that it is not that great of a thing). The degradation of the mitochondria matrix hinders the ability of the cell to burn fat and utilize protein. The circadian rhythm is slowly destroyed as calcium flow is dysrupted in the neurons (in the brain), in the skin, and in the eyes. Melanopsin works via a calcium resonance (but how will this happen if this is disrupted?) and DHA forms bonds with retinol and melanopsin in all cells to control the circadian rhythm. These complexes work via solar light frequencies and are broken apart via other forms of light (computer, tablets, TV, phones, fluorescent light, LED, etc.). Your adrenals will suffer, sure, but it is because of the changes within the mitochondria found in the eye and brain from exposure to blue light and non-native EMFs, which liberate calcium from the cells causing Vitamin A to decrease in the blood thus giving rise to a circadian mismatch (again, refer to the Pumpkin and Vitamin A Newsletter).

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