Inflammation Causes Heart Disease?

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February is American Heart Month and it is a great reminder to start taking better care of our bodies. In the U.S., cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death. Understanding how heart disease develops can give us better tools to help prevent it. In recent decades, research indicates that inflammation, even low level, is a significant risk factor for heart disease. High sensitivity C-reactive protein (CRPhs) is an inflammatory marker that can be tested in routine screening blood work in addition to a cholesterol panel to determine cardiovascular risk. There are many ways to combat inflammation in the body and a good place to start is the incorporation of healthy eating habits and regular activity. Having an adequate intake of antioxidant rich foods like fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular exercise are the foundation for the prevention of chronic disease. Your Naturopathic Doctor can order routine labs and help design a treatment plan based on your individual needs to help reduce your risk for heart disease.

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