How to lower cholesterol?

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Cholesterol is fat-like substance that our body utilizes to make hormones, vitamin D, digestive enzymes and much more!  There are multiple types of cholesterol, some good and some not so great.


Good cholesterol is HDL cholesterol.  This type of cholesterol is protective to our heart health.  Whereas LDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol are less desirable types of cholesterol due to their potential to deposit in our vessels around our body.


As we have established, cholesterol is important to create valuable products in our bodies so we need it to be present but we need to ensure the RIGHT types of cholesterol are present.


So how to we lower cholesterol when it is too high or when the less desirable types of cholesterol are elevated?


Fortunately, dietary changes can do a lot for us!  They can not only decrease the bad cholesterol but build up the good cholesterol as well.  I have people focus on incorporating in more vegetables and fruits and decreasing processed foods.


If you smoke, live with a smoker or are commonly exposed to tobacco smoke, avoiding exposure is another important step.  This has been studied extensively and shows a positive change in cholesterol.


Another great option is increasing exercise or daily movement.  Increasing your movement has been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels and improve overall heart health.


Other options include medications, supplements, herbal formulations and more!  If you are looking for more specific ideas tailored to you and your needs reach out today!

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