Homeopathic Remedies for Motion Sickness

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Summer marks the time of year for vacations and travel. While taking a vacation is meant to yield rest and relaxation, motion sickness can throw a wrench into your plans. Many people suffer from motion sickness whether traveling by car, plane or boat. Over-the-counter anti-nausea medications and patches can be helpful, but come with sedating side effects. An effective and safe method for reducing motion sickness and nausea is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses very dilute doses of various botanicals or minerals. Homeopathy works in a different way that anti-nausea medications because different remedies work for different nausea symptoms. Below is a list of the most common homeopathic remedies for motion sickness. Keep in mind, these substances should only be used in homeopathic form.

Petroleum: This is the most commonly used homeopathic for seasickness. The nausea tends to be constant with a feeling of uneasiness. Other indications for this remedy are vertigo symptoms with the nausea, especially from raising the eyes. Symptoms are worse with riding in a car. This remedy can be taken prophylactically before you go on your voyage.

Cocculus: Characteristic symptom is immense nausea that is caused by motion, or change of posture with riding in a car or boat. The nausea is generally associated with vertigo with a tendency to faint. Some can even get nausea just from looking at a boat in motion. May also have a “sick headache” with the nausea.

Tabacum: Symptoms are characterized by “deathly” nausea. The skin tends to be cold, clammy and pale. There may be increased salivation. Motion sickness from the smallest amount of motion. Symptoms are relieved by cold, fresh air or by uncovering the abdomen. Symptoms also may be improved from closing the eyes.

Nux vomica: This remedy is used for severe nausea with a terrible headache in the back of the head or over one eye. Other symptoms that may be associated with the nausea are bloating, gagging and possibly retching without any vomiting. Nausea is better with warmth and worse with food or coffee.

As with all supplements and medications, homeopathy is best used under the guidance of your Naturopathic Doctor for optimal results. Motion sickness is just one of many different conditions that can be treated with homeopathy. Contact Arizona Natural Medicine to consult with a physician about what homeopathic remedies should be packed in your suitcase before your vacation.

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