Naturopathic medicine is a true integration of conventional and natural therapies,
providing all of the best possible options for treating your health concerns.
So, what is it that makes it unique and different from “main-stream” medicine?
Essentially, Naturopathic medicine is the only profession where true integrative
medicine is practiced. Your Naturopathic doctor is someone who will take the time
to listen to your health concerns and work with you to find safe and effective
solutions for your health problems. Naturopathic physicians are not only “experts”
in natural medicine, they are also trained in pharmacology and can write a
prescription for antibiotics, insulin, birth control pills or any other medication that
might be needed. No other doctor combines these two important elements the way
Naturopathic Physicians do. So, you get the benefits of both natural and
conventional medicine, all in one doctor.

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