By Dr. Kiera Lane, N.M.D., MSAc., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. , Dr. Sarv Varta K. Khalsa, N.M.D , Dr. Adrienne Stewart, N.M.D. (Medical Resident)
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Naturopathic medicine is a true integration of conventional and natural therapies,
providing all of the best possible options for treating your health concerns. So, what is it that makes it unique and different from “main-stream” medicine? Essentially, Naturopathic medicine is the only profession where true integrative
medicine is practiced. Your Naturopathic doctor is someone who will take the time
to listen to your health concerns and work with you to find safe and effective
solutions for your health problems. Naturopathic physicians are not only “experts”
in natural medicine, they are also trained in pharmacology and can write a
prescription for antibiotics, insulin, birth control pills or any other medication that
might be needed. No other doctor combines these two important elements the way
Naturopathic Physicians do. So, you get the benefits of both natural and
conventional medicine, all in one doctor.

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By Dr. Kiera Lane, N.M.D., LAc., Dipl. Ac.
depression remedy natural


Julie had been struggling with low level “blues” for a long time. She seemed to be on a continual “merry go round” of life’s ongoing stressors and busy lifestyle but in the last year she had broken up with her long-term boyfriend and support system. She felt tired and unmotivated, short-tempered with family members and found it increasingly difficult to focus at her dead-end job. She tried to keep her feelings buried inside but figured it was just one of those times in life that eventually it would get better. Over the last year her sleep had become increasingly difficult, waking in the middle of the night restless but not sure of the reason and she would wake exhausted. She would try to stick to a low fat diet, but in the evening, she craved sugar and carbs and would find herself binge eating on cookies and sweets late at night. She found herself withdrawing slowly from friends and family, staying at home rather than accepting social invitations. She mentioned to her medical doctor at her last physical that she was feeling tired and felt “blue” but her doctor told her that her blood work was normal and she was fine. The only thing was, she didn’t feel “fine” and couldn’t recall the last time she felt truly joyful about something in her life. The thing was, Julie didn’t know what to do. She was perplexed that her doctor said nothing was wrong with her when she didn’t feel herself at all. Does Julie’s story sound familiar? You feel down and tired and your doctor tells you nothing is wrong and you are “fine”. Then why do you feel so miserable? What Julie didn’t realize is that she was suffering from depression.

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By Dr. Sarv Varta Khalsa, N.M.D.
anxiety relief

Have you been feeling like your emotions are out of control lately? Do you feel irritable one minute, snapping impatiently at your family members or friends and then breaking down into tears the next minute? Does it always seem like you’re the only one in the room that feels like the heater just turned up 20 degrees, breaking out into a sweat while everyone around you wonders what’s wrong with you?

Well, guess what? You’re not alone!

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