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Linda had been having symptoms of menopause for two years but they had become worse over the past 6 months, which motivated her to come in for treatment. She was having severe hot flashes as often as ten times per day and also had night sweats that would leave her drenched with sweat. She had vaginal dryness which made intercourse painful, she used lubricants that helped only a little bit. She also noticed changes in her mood. Lately she was feeling very tearful and would cry easily and often, which was unusual for her. She felt very irritable, especially toward her husband, which was putting a strain on their relationship. She had gained 20 pounds over the past 2 years with no change in diet or exercise. She had a Dexa scan (bone mineral density test) a year earlier that showed Osteopenia (thinning of the bones) but decided not to use medication due to the possible side effects.


Linda was in her early 50’s, worked full time and liked her job but it could be very stressful at times. She exercised at the gym doing cardio and weights 3-4 times per week for 45 minutes. She enjoyed spending time with friends but had been socializing less because she didn’t feel like herself. Linda also made jewelry and had always dreamed about having her own business on the side which she could continue after she retired. Lately though she felt tired and unmotivated, lacking the energy it required to manifest her dreams.


We started off with some lab testing to rule out causes of her fatigue, such as anemia, hypothyroidism and low adrenal function. All of her labs came back normal except her adrenal test showed that she had low adrenal function which can be a result of high stress. The treatment plan we created together included herbs and supplements for adrenal support, nutrients to support strong bones, liver support to ensure healthy hormone metabolism, Black Cohosh to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats and a Bioidentical estrogen (estriol) intravaginal cream to help with vaginal dryness. Adrenal support (if low) is extremely important during the transition into menopause because your adrenal glands produce estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, so as the ovaries produce less of these hormones the adrenal glands can take over this function, allowing women to have a much smoother transition into menopause.


After a few weeks of treatment Linda started to feel better. Her hot flashes became very occasional and much less intense and she was no longer having night sweats. Her energy improved and she started to feel more motivated to make jewelry and focus on manifesting her dreams of selling it to supplement her income, ensuring a well-supported retirement, doing something she loved. Her vaginal dryness completely resolved, allowing her to once again have a pain-free, fulfilling love-life with her husband (he thanked me for that!). Her mood also greatly improved. She told me that she felt like her “normal cheerful self” again and was spending more time with her friends. She lost weight and was thrilled to be able to fit into her favorite dress again, which she planned on wearing to her 25th wedding anniversary, for a romantic dinner in Italy with her husband. As a result of good quality care with Naturopathic medicine, Linda was now free to enjoy her post-menopausal years of life with optimal health and excitement about the future.

*All Names of these true life cases have been changed to maintain confidentiality

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