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Melanie’s migraine headaches would come on suddenly with nausea and excruciating pain on the right side of her head and behind her right eye. The pain was achey and sometimes throbbing and would usually get up to an 8-9 out of 10 on the pain scale. When she had a migraine she would have to stop whatever she was doing and retreat to a dark, quiet room to try and rest until the headache subsided. She took Zomig which helped but insurance would only cover 12 pills per month, so she often resorted to taking 1600 mg of Ibuprofen at a time, which helped take the pain away but was causing heart burn and stomach pain.


Melanie had been getting migraine headaches since the age of 7 years old. They often came on randomly but her main triggers were weather changes, especially cold, rainy weather and certain foods like chocolate and cheese. Her migraines had become more intense and more frequent since entering menopause 2 years previous to seeing Dr. Khalsa. At the time of her first visit she was getting headaches 15 to 20 days out of 30. She had been to see many doctors and had tried various medications without success. She felt very discouraged by her condition and it began to affect her mood and energy. She decided to see a Naturopathic doctor and try a natural approach after a friend recommended she try it based on her own positive experience. Melanie was at her wit’s end when she came to see Dr. Khalsa for help.


Melanie started weekly Acupuncture treatments to help balance the energy (Qi) in her body and reduce the intensity and frequency of her Migraines. She also started taking specific supplements to help support Serotonin levels in her body, which studies have found to be helpful in the treatment of Migraines headaches. She also started taking a high-potency Vitamin B complex, with adequate levels of vitamin B2 which also helps to decrease the occurrence of Migraines. At her initial visit she also complained of fatigue that had worsened over the past few years with increased stress. We checked her adrenal function, as adrenal dysfunction is a common cause of fatigue and it was found to be low. She started a treatment regimen to support adrenal function which included herbs, nutrients and weekly nutritional IV’s (Meyer’s cocktails), which she continued for about 3 months.


With each week of treatment Melanie improved. Her headaches became less intense and less frequent. She started to have stretches of 2-3 weeks without any Migraines which had not happened in years. After about 6 months Melanie stopped having Migraine headaches at all. She still gets an occasional Migraine headache, maybe one or two times per year, which is in huge contrast to the nearly daily headaches she was experiencing before starting treatment. It’s been a few years now and Melanie continues to do well. Over the years she has continued to come in for monthly nutritional IV therapy as she feel this helps to maintain her energy and prevent the Migraines from occurring. She is thrilled to have her life back, pain-free and able to pursue the things in life that she loves.

 *All Names of these true life cases have been changed to maintain confidentiality

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