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While healing the body, some supplements (“remedies”) may be necessary to assist in the process but as time goes on, the number of supplements should not continue to increase. Supplements cannot fix everything if the foundation of health is not addressed. We need to spend more time addressing our way of life and less time worrying about adding yet another supplement. Water and sun make up my top 2 most important items on a patient’s treatment plan while diet has moved to number 4 or 5. Food is nothing more than a way for our bodies to extract the energy from the sun in a reversed process of photosynthesis (sun + water + CO2 = sugar). Energy in the human body, through the process of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation (in the mitochondria), ends in the release of electrons, protons and water (food/sugar = CO2 + water). If we are dealing with electrons and protons as the end result from food digestion then food is simply a vessel. Food works as a barcode and the mitochondria is in charge of deciphering this code (what types of electrons, protons do we have and how much?). What happens if the mitochondria are not working properly? What if the barcode (food) is blurred or broken?

This goes beyond supplements…..


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