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Beauty is an amazing phenomenon.   It can be a noun, a verb and an adjective.  You can see it, feel it and provide it. Humans and animals alike recognize beauty.  It is something that is innately sought after and for good reason.  Whether it is seeking out beauty in Sedona or through facial rejuvenation, there’s a reason why we desire beauty; it makes us feel better!

The world renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow realized the power of beauty and revised his 5 level “Hierarchy of Needs” by adding aesthetic needs right below self-actualization.  He felt it was important to express yourself aesthetically and ultimately making it the final step before achieving self-actualization.  Expressing yourself aesthetically can be achieved in many ways as long as it is pleasing to you.

Anyone reading this deserves beauty in their life and should actively seek it.  It can be a freshly painted living room, a trip to the beach, a new outfit or a physical makeover that could be the first step to adding the needed beauty to your life.  Give it a try; the search for beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and may not be far off.

“There is a living knowledge of beauty that can create wholeness.  When beauty penetrates us through uniting our heart with our actions and our thoughts, the inner world of soul joins to the outer gesture that is the human being.  Beauty touches our soul with the dance between worlds of known and unknown.  It is the force that unites yin and yang and moves between life and death.  To be consecrated with beauty is to know there is something constant and abiding beyond senses and intellect and words.”

Jimmie Janelle St Arnold

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