Does Biotin Help with Hair Growth?

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Many people add biotin to their supplement regimen because it is advertised as improving hair, skin and nails, but does it really work? Biotin is a B-vitamin (B7) and it is naturally produced by healthy bacteria in the gut. Research has shown that a biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, but the mechanism is still unknown. However, deficiencies of biotin in the American population are rare due to intrinsic production and its prevalence in many different foods. In fact, the gut bacteria produce most of the biotin needed by the body. Despite that fact, a biotin deficiency is still possible with malnutrition or impaired gastrointestinal function. There are specialty blood tests that can detect micronutrient deficiencies including biotin, other B-vitamins and minerals.

Hair loss can be due to several factors including hormone imbalance, thyroid disorders, other nutrient deficiencies, genetics and other endocrine disorders. These can be ruled out by your doctor through proper history and testing. Talk to a Naturopathic Doctor at Arizona Natural Medicine to discuss your case and find out what testing and supplementation is right for you.

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