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How do you start your day? Do you get out of bed, throw some clothes on, skip breakfast and rush out the door? Or do you take your time and enjoy your morning?

For the longest time my morning routine consisted of rushing. I rushed to get dressed, to eat and rushed to get out the door. I felt stressed and thought that maybe I wasn’t “a morning person”.  The truth is that I never took the time to be a morning person. I enjoyed my slow mornings on the weekends but never thought that I could replicate it throughout the week. While in medical school and amidst all the craziness of it, I started to enjoy the few mornings I had off. Soon I developed a morning routine that involved my recliner, a nice cup of coffee and a book (unrelated to school). I performed this routine before hitting the books whenever I had the chance. School days are long gone but I have successfully integrated this new habit into my life. I get up three hours before I have to be at work so I am able to enjoy my morning without feeling stressed. I watch the sun come up, I read, take my time eating breakfast, spend time with my dogs and take all the time I want getting ready.

A very important aspect changed: my nervous system shifted from being so overly sympathetic driven (fight or flight) into being more parasympathetic (rest and digest). My digestion, mood and cortisol response have improved. Throughout this process, I also incorporated “pelvic blocking” at night (if you would like to learn what this is and how to do it, I recommend you book an appointment for a ‘TBM’ session). I shifted my nervous system with just a few simple changes by prioritizing myself.

My point is that there is no such thing as being (or not) a “morning person” or a “night owl”; we make choices and those choices determine the outcome. Do you want to feel less stressed, enjoy your morning and breakfast and not have to rush out the door? Do you want to improve your mood and digestion? Then make that choice. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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