Could the shape of your uterus cause cramps?

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Could the shape of your uterus cause painful periods or painful intercourse? Yes, this is possible. Painful periods, heavy menses, and pain with intercourse could be related to the shape of your uterus. How would you know this? You really would not know this unless you had a pelvic and intravaginal ultrasound examination to assess the structure of your uterus. You may have a uterus that is normally shaped.

However, the position of your uterus could impact how you fee. If your uterus is anteverted (tilted towards the front of the abdomen) or retroverted (tilted toward the abdomen or tipped backwards), it could cause painful periods, cramping or painful intercourse.

These changes in position of the uterus are generally not linked to infertility. However other abnormalities in the shape of the uterus could affect your fertility. Here are three shapes of a uterus that can be linked to difficulty getting pregnant.

• A bicornuate uterus, or heart shaped uterus (half a uterus)
• A Uterine septum (wall separating the uterus)
• A uterine didelphys (two separate uterus)

If you are not sure if there is an issue with her uterus, see your doctor and get a pelvic ultrasound so you can determine if your uterus is normally shaped and there are no undetected surprises getting in the way of painless periods or your fertility.

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