Chinese herbs have been prescribed for thousands of years for conditions as serious as internal disease to a basic stomach ache.  Throughout these years the efficacy of these herbs became greater along with benefitting multiple aspects of the body; skin beauty being one of them.
The ancient Chinese believed their herbs while harmonizing internally also help the body’s self-healing capacity to correct the conditions that cause wrinkles and skin issues.  Diagnosing the patients TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) pattern is the first step towards nourishing your skin.  Here are a few examples; patient with:
-Internal heat will benefit from bitter tasting herbs that clear heat and toxins from body and skin, including rashes and acne.
-Qi and blood stagnation need pungent tasting herbs that assist in the movement of energy and blood flow, preventing skin rashes and dark spots.
-An underlying Yin deficiency typically lack moisture and need sweet tasting herbs to nourish dry skin and prevent wrinkles.
-A pattern of internal dampness and phlegm can benefit from bland tasting herbs which will reduce water retention and clear puffiness and bags under the eyes.
Once your internal work has started, you are able to start targeting your external problem areas with specific herbs.  Pearl powder is very popular for enhancing the overall appearance and complexion of the skin. Holy basil has also become known for increasing skin elasticity while combating wrinkles.  One of the main components in Holy basil is ursolic acid which has also been known for skin protection, along with antibacterial and antifungal actions.  Even challenged skin from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can be treated with herbs such as licorice, schizandra, and lycium drops. There are also many effective tinctures containing several skin rejuvenating herbs.  “8 Immortal Drops” is a blend of anti-aging and adaptogenic herbs that stimulates skin repair, production of collagen and skin elasticity.
The Chinese herbs listed above are just a fraction of what’s available to us.  Furthermore, their actions are multifaceted making it that much easier to start healing from the inside out.  At Arizona Natural Medicine ®, we offer our patients an opportunity for facial rejuvenation which include herbal medicine for healthier skin and internal health, rejuvenating masks and serums, diet counseling, and facial acupuncture coupled with a full body treatment for ones underlying TCM diagnosis.

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