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There are certain topics I cannot let go of and “foundation’ work is one of them.  After extensively discussing options of supplements or medication during an appointment, I will often circle back and discuss the importance of a solid foundation. I like to compare this with a foundation of a house: if your house has a crummy foundation there aren’t enough bricks or patches we can add to it to make it stand. The same thing applies to your health, if your foundation is not solid, there aren’t enough supplements I can throw at you to make you feel better. Foundation work is essential to the overall wellbeing and personally, I do not budge on this. So what does our foundation consist of?

  • WATER: Not just quantity but also quality of water intake is important. I’m sorry to hear you do not like emptying your bladder, unfortunately there is no alternative, you must drink water for survival.


  • NUTRITION: Be ready to talk extensively about your nutrition. If your meals are incomplete, lacking or non-existent, then be ready to put some work into it. We need nutrients so our body can function properly.


  • SLEEP: Supplementing your way to sleep is not how you fix sleep problems. I like to discuss sleep habits and pre-bed routine in addition to discussing potential hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances you may have.


  • EXERCISE: Movement is crucial to assist with weight loss or maintenance, fluidity of joints, flexibility, strength and endurance. It is also important for cognition, cardiovascular and bone health and to assist with peristalsis (bowel movements). If you don’t move, you lose!

Don’t underestimate the importance of a solid foundation; simple behavior and lifestyle modification can improve your health significantly.

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