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The balance between Yin and Yang is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  One can see in most Yin/Yang symbols that it is never a 50/50 split between the two; there’s always a little bit of one in the other.  This concept is cyclical and should always be moving and transferring.  When problems occur in the body, typically either the Yin or Yang becomes significantly more or less, while also becoming less fluid in motion.

One example of this is how easy our bodies can spiral into a state of excess Yang (Heat), especially in Arizona.  This means an internal state of heat and dryness, which can cause several health issues from chronic fatigue to gastrointestinal problems.  Even though we have circled into fall, it does not mean there are not lasting effects from summer, especially if someone already has an underlying heat condition.  It is also possible for people to develop a deficiency of Yin (Cool/Moisture).  This is also referred to as a False Heat condition, and is especially detrimental during an Arizona summer.  Even if our Yang is not in a state of excess, the Yin is still lacking and cannot balance out the Yang.  The body lacks coolness, moisture, lubrication and calmness.  Without sufficient Yin, one can suffer from night sweats, fatigue, dryness, headaches and insomnia.

When the body presents with an excess of Yang (Heat) we will utilize specific acupuncture points and herbs to cool the body and release excess heat.  When the body presents with a deficiency of Yin (Cool/Moisture) we will utilize specific acupuncture points and herbs to nourish Yin properties.  Every “body” is different and requires specific treatment for the individual and this is where your licensed professional can help!

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