Coronavirus – Tips to Follow

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Practicing standard hygiene practices!

Wash your hands, cover your own cough or sneeze, dispose of tissues and avoid touching your face!  These are all good preventative measures.  You can also maintain a safe distance from those with a cough or sneeze and encourage family and friends who may be sick to stay home.  This can be effective and when coupled with other measures can serve you well!

There are no foods, supplements or nutrients proven to prevent or treat the coronavirus. What can you do to support your general health and well-being?

Nutrition Tips

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is eat more vegetables and use your food as your medicine.  Green and brightly colored vegetables and fruit contain a variety of vitamins such as vitamin C and E, minerals such as zinc and magnesium along with flavonoids and other plant compounds which can serve to support immune cell response.

Snooze for Better Immune Health

Prioritize your sleep!  There is a lot of information supporting a consistent sleep-wake cycle has tremendously positive effects on the immune system. Sleep deprivation can cause imbalances in the immune system and decrease immune function which can result in higher likelihood of infection.  If you have difficulty sleeping this can also open you up to a variety of other disease processes that are also preventable.  If sleep has been an ongoing struggle and you’re ready to catch some Zzz’s check out Arizona Natural Medicine®.

Stress Less

Managing your stress can support your immune system.  There are many studies that suggest chronic stress can delay immune response to infectious disease.  Therefore, your day to day stress may increase your likelihood of infection.  Taking a moment to unplug and de-stress each day can be helpful in supporting your immune system.  There are tons of ways to manage your stress and if you are looking for more strategies you can check out this article.

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