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Cortisol deficiency may present with a plethora of symptoms. Often, patients attribute them to their thyroid, however, I have come to find that they are more often than not related to an adrenal deficiency.

  1. Fatigue: Those with adrenal deficiency complain of not only being tired, but the thought alone of having to carry out a task makes them tired. Adrenal deficiency comes with an intolerance and inability to handle stressful situations. These individuals are depleted and have a hard time facing normal life activities.
  2. Hypoglycemia: the lack of energy that comes with an adrenal insufficiency is often due to hypoglycemia (not enough sugar in the blood). Please refer to ADRENALS – PART 1 to understand how cortisol helps to elevate blood sugar levels. If the body lacks the capacity to raise blood sugar levels, then hypoglycemia ensues.
  3. Flu-like symptoms: as stated in an earlier blog (ADRENALS – PART 2) cortisol exerts an anti-inflammatory action in the body, but when cortisol reserves are depleted the body loses this anti-inflammatory action resulting in body aches and an overall uncomfortable feeling with joint pain, and headaches.
  4. Foggy brain: This is a very common symptoms and I hear this often from patients. The “foggy brain” is due to the body’s inability to raise blood pressure, which results in a reduced supply of nutrients, blood and oxygen to the head when one is standing.


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