“With FSH level of 23.7 and AMH of 0.1 it was thought that I will never get pregnant again. I had two fertility doctors turning me down with ‘secondary infertility’ and ‘premature menopause’ diagnosis. They looked at the numbers and recommended egg donation in a hurry, before I turn 40 and my chances would further narrow.

Dr. Lane had a different approach. She did not confine herself to the ‘numbers’ but rather examined them along with other evidence for a comprehensive picture. We sat through an in-depth interview in which Dr. Lane took note of symptoms like headaches, period (frequency, quality and duration), fatigue and discomfort in various body parts. She took down medical history and ran additional tests for adrenal function, liver function, and other systemic data that could be helpful. To be fair, Dr. Lane made a hypothesis about the culprits in my condition as early as the first interview but she made sure to substantiate her assumptions with solid data.

Eventually we agreed on a treatment that I could live with, considering my busy schedule as a working mom of a three year old. Dr. Lane figured that a good liver cleansing and adrenal support could help recover the hormones. She designed a plan for nourishing the cleansed systems and getting them back on track. It took a while, as profound remedies often do, but I felt a difference within a few weeks: I had more energy, was less irritable and generally happier. I had to work hard, adjust my diet and forgo certain foods that I liked, I also had to maintain a routine with meals and supplements. But eventually it paid off. I got pregnant naturally, without pumping my body with hormones and damaging chemicals. My pregnancy was healthy and pleasant and I gave birth to a perfect baby girl.

There are no guarantees, as Dr. Lane told me when we started, but it is worth a try before embarking on an expensive and potentially damaging fertility treatment. At the very least you’ll feel better and healthier and that in itself is priceless”.

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