“I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Lane for several years but recently got to take advantage of another aspect of her care. I grew up believing what other doctors told me – that it would be very difficult to get pregnant. Using acupuncture amongst other naturopathic strategies, Dr. Lane worked with me to get my hormones in balance and to improve my overall energy level. She helped prepare my body for pregnancy, and I got pregnant on the very first try. Unfortunately, my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, but I was able to get pregnant again right away and had a precious baby girl. Dr. Lane worked with me during my pregnancy to make sure the baby and I were healthy. She went out of her way near the end of my pregnancy to answer my questions and provide advice on natural ways to get the birthing process going. After having my baby, I saw Dr. Lane several times for acupuncture to help my body in the recovery process. Despite the trauma of giving birth, I felt some immediate relief, especially with my abdomen muscles. Dr. Lane has always been a very caring, dedicated practitioner who takes my individual needs into account.”

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