“I decided to see Dr. lane after having my first miscarriage. Our focus was to build up my body and become as healthy as possible so that I would be better able to carry a future pregnancy. Some of the areas that we focused on were thyroid, adrenals, hormonal levels and B Vitamin levels. After a few months I was ready to try again but unfortunately that pregnancy also resulted in a miscarriage. I felt broken and defeated. If took almost a year until I felt emotionally ready to try again. I thought either “3 strikes you’re out” or “3rd time’s a charm”. By this time I was 41 years old. All the while I had continued my treatment with Dr. Lane and I can confidently say that I felt healthier than I had ever felt before. My energy level had increased significantly and I felt emotionally balanced and more resilient. During that time, Dr. Lane was very sensitive, insightful and caring. She remained confident and hopeful that I would be able to have a successful pregnancy and would gently remind me of that. Within a month, I received a positive home pregnancy test. I was guarded and apprehensive, afraid that I would experience another miscarriage. Eight weeks later, an ultrasound confirmed a viable pregnancy of twins!”

“I credit Dr. Lane with my healthy pregnancy. I feel that she provided the treatment necessary to prepare my body for pregnancy as well as giving me the right “dose” of emotional support that allowed for the opportunity. I value her opinion and trust her completely. Thank you Dr. Lane.”

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