IvyMariano Dominique's daughterI went to a fertility doctor because my husband and I had been trying to conceive a child and had so far, been unsuccessful. After running all the standard tests, the doctor gave me a 10% chance of conceiving on my own.

I spoke with Dr. Lane, who gave me a completely different perspective, and hope. She recommended a plan for me that included acupuncture, changes to my diet, and the Chinese Herbal formula, Women’s Precious. After just a few months, we were able to conceive and we now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

12-24-13_mariano_t6c8701-edit (640x427)I’m happy to report I have an update to my original testimonial – I wasn’t sure I’d have luck a second time around but looked again to Dr Lane for guidance. Following a similar protocol, I was lucky enough to get pregnant again at 43 and we now have a healthy and handsome son!

I owe this to Dr. Lane as I truly believe that her guidance, support and Naturopathic perspective prepared my body for pregnancy. Thank you, Dr Lane!

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